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Every minute counts

Your shipment needs to be there. Now! Otherwise the production lines will come to a stop, your machines can't be maintained or overhauled - or you will miss the deadline to participate in a tender. Things are going to get pricey. Because time is money. And we can save you some valuable time to finish your work - and still get your goods or sensitive documents to their destination in time.
No matter what – we will make it!

Always at your service

Your On Board Courier carries your time-critical consignment to every corner of the world - personally and in the quickest possible way


»The production of our samples was depending on a delicate piece of material that was available only in Germany. Without it, we most probably would have lost one of our real important customers. provided a quick, reliable and reasonable solution and delivered the part to our utmost satisfaction.«

Rebecca J. | Canadian client

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Using On Board Logistics – also referred to as Hand Carry – by, your consignment will reach it's destination all over the world - same day even to many locations. That's what we do. It's our core competence.


Our specialists are available 24/7. We'll provide you with a non-committal quote for the quickest available routing option within a few minutes.

Trust our business with your business!


Our couriers take your shipment and carry them in the passenger cabin, where and whenever possible. They accompany it throughout the transportation and will closely monitor the loading of your consignment if checked as baggage. They are the "Bodyguards" of your goods or documents. All milestones will be reported to provide you with an unbroken chain of events.


After we handed over the goods at the final destination, we will immediately provide you with the delivery status and also will provide at least a picture of the written Proof Of Delivery (POD) as soon as possible.

And that's how we do it:

Pick up from the named shipping place

Handed over to the named contact

Flight to the airport of destination

Transportation to
the airport of origin

Transportation to the named consignee (if requested)

Documentation of the delivery by providing the POD

Handling through customs according to legal requirements

All airlines prioritise checked baggage before any kind of regular commercial freight such as diplomatic freight, express or integrator freight or standard commercial airfreight. In case your goods have to be checked as baggage due to size or weight - they will be prioritized over any other kind of freight.

On Board Courier - always top priority. couriers are travelling as passengers, almost always holding frequent flyer status - that ensures the people are on board and their checked baggage is as well.

Bodyguards of your consignment!

Our couriers always have an eye on your goods - whether they have them in the passenger cabin or checked as baggage.


As accompanied baggage, your goods are always under the control of our couriers all the way from pick up to delivery - guaranteed. Whether the goods are time-critical, valuable or confidential - that's our added value for your business.


»We always send our sensitive, confidential documents via the Hand Carry services of We don't even want to begin to imagine what happens if our information would get in the wrong hands. And, a huge benefit, delivery by the on board courier is also a legal proof of delivery if it comes to litigation.«

Jens S. | German Client


Our customers are always close

We will provide you an update for every milestone. If required, you can personally get in touch with our couriers.

For a non-committal quote, please provide these information with your request:

place and time of availability
of the shipment

weight, dimensions and number
of pieces

required destination (airport or place)

requested arrival deadline

We will provide a quotation including the routing option within minutes. Because we understand: time is money.

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Your couriers

They know how to succeed.


»We spend many years and lots of money for research and development, and it's very reassuring to know that there are the right people out there, perfectly meeting our requirements when it comes to transportation of our prototypes and preproduction models. These people are at They simply know what they do.«

Sonia P. | Product designer

The world's their home. They are experienced and specially trained for their responsible job. They know the rules and laws of the countries they travel to, they know customs processes as well as airline particularities. They are stress-resistant and keep their calm in all kinds of situations. They are multi-lingual and hold required visa for many countries. In other words: the perfect bodyguard.

Dieter R.


Born in 1962 // Approx. 350.000 air miles per year // London enthusiast // experienced and stress resistant

Jan-Phillipp K.


Born in 1990 // Approx. 300.000 air miles per year // Mexico specialist // 8 years of experience

About us

YOUROBC.COM was developed in 2017 as a subsidiary of Global AMK GmbH, an internationally established enterprise in the On-Board Courier market segment.

Klaus D. Wolf founded his first company in the On Board Courier niche in 1999, opening offices in Singapore and Bangkok in 2010 and 2011, respectively. In March 2013 he parted ways with this enterprise, KDW Consulting GmbH, to start a new business branded as Global AMK GmbH. After successfully establishing this new company, introducing new concepts and innovative ideas, today it's brand engages couriers word wide - to carry your consignments to nearly every destination in the world.


Thanks to our global network, we have access to nearly unlimited resources and we are able to immediately respond to all irregularities or to changes in legal requirements.


Today our clients mainly stem from the logistics industry, as well as the automotive, engineering, energy and pharmaceutical industries. They entrust us with their critical challenges for two decades now, particularily when it comes to business-to-business transportation solutions. Among these clients you'll find well known logistics giants of the likes of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, DHL Global Forwarding, Kuehne & Nagel and many more.


Fancy to travel new countries and places?

Become part of our courier team!
If you are a seasoned and frequent traveller, preferrably by plane, and if you also speak at least one foreign language (you should be reasonably fluent in English; Spanish and/or Chinese are favourable assets), you might be the right addition to our team. You also should be stress-resistant, able to keep your calm even in odd situations, be flexible, and have good communications and negotiation skills. If you hold visa for countries such as China or India - great! Send us your CV/resume!

Link to our (german) job advertisement


»On Board Courier - way more than a job. Every assignment is a new challenge, and for that you need a passion, you have to adapt to it as a style of life! Very appealing.«

Reiner K. | On-Board Courier bei

A year in the 'office' …


on the plane

• 812.400 Kilometer / 504.800 miles

• 20 times around the world or once to the moon and back

• 230 Flüge / 1.156 hours (48 days)



Airport – Top 10

• 73 x Frankfurt FRA

• 46 x Düsseldorf DUS

• 25 x München MUC

• 18 x Shanghai PVG

• 16 x Madrid MAD

• 16 x Peking PEK

• 16 x Istanbul Atatürk IST

• 14 x Mexiko City MEX

• 14 x Amsterdam AMS

• 12 x Köln/Bonn CGN

• Plus: Moskau Scheremetjewo, Atlanta, Chicago, Addis Abeba …

Overall 65 airports, 28 countries, 174 different routes


Airlines – Top 10

• 64 x Lufthansa LH

• 17 x Air China CA

• 14 x Iberia IB

• 14 x United Airlines UA

• 13 x Turkish Airlines TK

• 11 x Aeroflot SU

• 10 x Germanwings 4U

• 7 x Delta Air Lines DL

• 6 x Aero Mexico AM

• 6 x Ethiopian Airlines ET

Overall 39 airlines



type of aircraft

• 83 x Airbus 319/320/321

• 15 x Boeing 737-800

• 14 x Airbus 340-600

• 14 x Boeing 777-300

• 11 x Airbus 330-300

• 10 x Boeing 777-200

• 8 x Airbus 330-200

• 8 x Boeing 747-8

Overall 31 types of aircraft, incl. Airbus 380-800, Boeing 787-8, 747-400, 767-400/-300 …



• 189 x Economy class

• 17 x Economy Plus (resp. Premium Economy or else)

• 16 x Business class (also long distance)

• 8 x First class


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Handling through customs according to legal requirements


Pick up from the named shipping place

Handed over to the named contact

Flight to the airport of destination

Handling through customs according to legal requirements

Transportation to
the airport of origin

Transportation to
the named consignee (if requested)

Documentation of the delivery by providing the POD